Military Abbreviations, Nicknames and Slang Terms
Beginning with D
Compiled by Jon Stacy

(Acronym) Death from Accidental Injury.

Daisy Cutter-
(Nickname) A 1000 pound bomb dropped from a cargo plane, in Vietnam.

Daisy Mae-
(Nickname) USS Des Moines CA-134, Des Moines Class Heavy Cruiser.

(Nickname) Douglas C-47 Skytrain.

Dak Rats-
(Squadron Nickname) 906th Air Refueling Squadron, that flyers the KC-135.

(Nickname) Douglas DC-3/C-47 Skytrain, transport.

1. (Squadron Nickname) RAF Squadron 617 which flew the Lancaster Bomber on special missions.
2. (Squadron Nickname) VA/VFA-195, that flew the A-4 Skyhawk, A-6 Intruder, & the F/A-18 Hornet.

Dart- (Nickname) Convair F-106 Delta Dart.

(Acronym) Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter. Was not successful, in the mid 1960’s.

(Allied Codename) Japanese Nakajima E8N, in World War II.

Navy designation for a Destroyer.

Navy designation for a Escort Destroyer.

Navy designation for a Guided Missile Destroyer.

Navy designation for a Radar Picket Destroyer.

Navy designation for a Destroyer Escort. (Designation was changed to FF, in 1975.)

The 96th Infantry Division, which saw service in the Pacific during World War II.

Deadhead Crew-
A second crew, usually on an airlift mission.

Deadly Dragon of Patience Bay-
(Nickname) USS Barb SS-220, a Gato Class Submarine.

Death’s Angels-
(Squadron Nickname) VMSB/VMF/VMFA-235, they flew the SBD Dauntless, F4U Corsair, F9F Panther,
FJ Fury, F-8 Crusader, F-4 Phantom II & the F/A-18 Hornet.

Death’s Head-
(Squadron Nickname) VMF-124, that served during World War II operating the F4F Wildcat & the F4U Corsair.

Death Valley-
(Nickname, Korea) The Rail Line from Samdong-ni to Kowon. Named so due to the heavy amount of
concentrated anti-aircraft fire.

Death Vipers-
(Squadron Nickname) 131st Fighter Squadron that operates the A-10 Thunderbolt II for the
Massachusetts Air National Guard.

(Squadron Nickname) VMF/VMA/VMFA-323, they operated the F4U Corsair, F9F Panther, FJ Fury,
F-8 Crusader, F-4 Phantom II, & the F/A-18 Hornet. The Deathrattlers served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, & Iraq.

Deep Kimchi-
(Slang) In deep trouble, used in Korea.

(Slang) To defuse a bomb.

1. (Codeword) Letter D.
2. The 39th Infantry Division, which saw service in World War I.

Delta Dagger-
The Convair F-102, Interceptor.

Delta Dart-
The Convair F-106, Interceptor.

(Squadron Nickname) 357th Airlift Squadron, that flyers the C-130 Hercules.

Department of Dirty Tricks-
(Nickname) for the Special Operations Executive created by Winston Churchill and Hugh Dalton in July 1940
to conduct espionage and special operations during World War 2, dissolved in 1946.

Deployed Location-
First used during the Persian Gulf War, for Classified Location.

Der Bingo-
(WWII) Actor/Comedian/Singer Bing Crosby.

(Navy) Destroyer Division.

(Navy) Destroyer Squadron.

Desert Fox-
(Nickname) German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel.

Desk Pilot-
(Slang) A rated pilot that is assigned to a desk job.

(Nickname) Convair F-102 Delta Dagger.

Deuce Gear-
(Slang) Equipment.

Deuce and a Half-
(Nickname) A two and a half ton truck.

Devil Cats-
1. (Squadron Nickname) VMF/VMA-212; that served during World War II & the Korean War. They operated the F4U Corsair, FJ Fury, A-4 Skyhawk, F-8 Crusader, & the F-4 Phantom II.
2. (Squadron Nickname) 97 Flying Training Squadron, flying the T-37 Tweet & the T-38 Talon.

Devil’s Disciples-
(Squadron Nickname) VF-301, that operated the F-8 Crusaders, F-4 Phantom II & the F-14 Tomcat. (Disestablished)

Devil Dogs-
1. (Squadron Nickname) VMF-111, that served during World War II, flying the F4F Wildcat & F4U Corsair.
2. (Squadron Nickname) VMA-324, that flew the AD Skyraider, & the A-4 Skyhawk. (Disestablished)

(Acronym) Distant Early Warning.

1. (Squadron Nickname) VMSB/VMF/VMA-131 that served during World War II, flying the SB2U Vindicator, F4U Corsair, FJ Fury, & the A-4 Skyhawk. (Disestablished)
2. (Squadron Nickname) 466th Fighter Squadron, flying the F-16 Falcon.
3. (Squadron Nickname) VF/VFA-102, flying the F-4 Phantom II, F-14 Tomcat and currently the
F/A-18 Hornet.

(Squadron Nickname) VS-30 that flies the S-3 Viking.

Dick Skinners-
(Slang) Hands.

(Slang) Hospital Corpsman.

(Acronym) Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck.

(Nickname) USS LaVallette DD-448; a Fletcher Class Destroyer.

1. (Allied Codename) Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-46.
2. (Codeword) German Navigation system for Daylight bombing.

Dinky Toy-
(Nickname) Northrop F-5 Tiger.

Dirty B-
(Nickname) USS Bennett DD-473, a Fletcher Class Destroyer.

Dirty Bill-
(Nickname) Admiral William D. Porter, during the Civil War.

Dirty Dozen-
(Squadron Nickname) 12th Fighter Squadron, that operates the F-15 Eagle.

Dirty Ernie-
(Nickname) USS Ernest G. Small DD-838, a Gearing Class Destroyer.

Dirty O-
(Nickname) USS Ozbourn DD-846, a Gearing Class Destroyer.

Dirty Tom-
(Nickname) USS Lloyd Thomas DD-764, a Gearing Class Destroyer.

Dirty Weather-
(Slang) Bad Weather.

(Slang) To land an aircraft in water, then abandon it.

Ditch Digger-
(Slang) Any US Army personnel. Used by other branches of the military.

The 31st Infantry Division, which saw service in WWI and WWII in the Pacific.

Dixie Cup-
(Slang) The US Navy’s famous white sailors hat.

Dixie Division-
(Nickname) DesDiv 112, that was homeported at New Orleans, during the Cold War.

Dixie Station-
US Ships assigned to the 7th Fleet off South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Dizzy Three-
(Nickname) Douglas DC-3/C-47 Skytrain.

Navy designation for a Destroyer Leader.

Navy designation for a Guided Missile Destroyer Leader. (Some redesignated CG and some redesignated DDG, in 1975).

Navy designation for a Destroyer Mine Layer.

Navy designation for a Destroyer Mine Sweeper.

(WWII, Slang) A cadet pilot who hasn’t flown solo yet.

Doer Birds-
(Squadron Nickname) VT-2, that flies the T-34 Mentor.

(Squadron Nickname) 47th Fighter Squadron, that operated the A-10 Warthog.

Dog Dish-
(Nickname) white navy “Dixie Cup” hat.

Dog Tags-
Identification tags worn around the neck, and on boots.

Dog Whistle-
1. (Nickname) Cessna T-37 Tweet.
2. A Jet Engine.

Doggie Dicks-
(Slang) Breakfast Sausages.

Dollar 19-
(Nickname) Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar.

1. The Eurocoptor HH-65, used by the US Coast Guard.
2. The Douglas OA-4/RD Amphibian of the 1930’s.

The unsuccessful Consolidated B-32 heavy bomber. Basically an upgraded B-24, which lost out in competition to the Boeing B-29.

Donkey Dick-
(Slang) Refueling probe on the Grumman A-6 Intruder.

(British) The German V-1 cruise missile of World War II.

(Slang) A first year cadet, at the Air Force Academy.

Doomsday Plane-
(Nickname) Boeing E-4B, airborne command post.

Double Breasted Cub-
(Nickname) Cessna UC-78 Bobcat.

Double Dipper-
(Slang) A retired service member, working in civil service.

Double Digit Midget-
Less than 100 days on station.

Double Lucky-
(Nickname) USS Biloxi CL-80, a Cleveland Class Light Cruiser.

Double Nickle-
(Squadron Nickname) 55th Airlift Flight, that flies the C-12 Huron.

Double Ugly-
(Nickname) McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II.

(Nickname) US Soldiers during World War I.

Doughnut Dollies-
(WWII, Europe) Civilian females from the United States, sent to entertain troops.

Dowager Dutchess-
(Nickname) Douglas C-47 Skytrain.

(Slang) To shoot down an enemy aircraft.

Down Stairs-
(Slang) The lower atmosphere.

1. The Douglas B-23, light bomber of World War II.
2. The M-47 Medium Anti-Tank Missile.

Dragon Flies-
(Squadron Nickname) VS-29 that flies the S-3 Viking.

Dragon Lady- (Nickname) Lockheed TR-1/U-2 Spy plane.
1. (Squadron Nickname) VMA-133, that flew the A-4 Skyhawk. (Disestablished)
2. (Squadron Nickname) 33rd Flying Training Squadron, flying the T-37 Tweet.
3. (Squadron Nickname) 357th Fighter Squadron, flying the A-10 Thunderbolt II.
4. (Squadron Nickname) HMM-265, flying the CH-46 Sky Knight.
5. (Squadron Nickname) 69th Fighter Squadron, that flew the F-16 Falcon. (Disestablished)

Dragon Slayers-
(Squadron Nickname) HS-11 that operates the SH-60 Sea Hawk.

Dragon Wagon-
(Nickname) USS Hamner DD-718, a Gearing Class Destroyer.

Dream Sheet-
An Air Force form used to volunteer for assignments.

(Slang) To swim in any body of water.

Droop Snoot-
A P-38 modified with a plexi glass encased nose, for horizontal bombing (WWII).

Dry Run-
(Slang) A practice run.

(Nickname) Douglas F3D/F-10 Skyknight. Spelled backwards means “Turd”.

1. (Nickname) USS Waller DD/DDE-466; A Fletcher Class Destroyer.
2. (Nickname) President George W. Bush. 2001-2009.

1. Grumman J2F seaplane of World War II.
2. (Nickname) Douglas C-47 Skytrain.
3. (Nickname) Cessna O-2 Skymaster.

(Nickname) Grumman SA-16/HU-16 Albatross.

(Squadron Nickname) 154th Airlift Squadron, that operated the C-130 Hercules (Disestablished), for the Arkansas Air National Guard.

(Acronym) Double Ugly Fat Fucker. The F-4 Phantom II.

(Nickname) USS Toledo CA-133, a Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser.

Duke of Wonsan-
(Nickname) USS Hopewell DD-681, a Fletcher Class Destroyer.

1. (Nickname) Curtiss C-46 Commando, transport.
2. An Air-Sea Rescue plane. (Korean/Vietnam War)

(Slang) To drop or throw supplies from an aircraft.

The Convair XF-81 fighter.

Dust Bin-
(Nickname) A gun turret on the underside of an airplane.

Dust Devils-
(Squadron Nickname) 21st Special Operations Squadron, that operates the MH-53 Super Stallion.

Dust Off-
(Acronym) Dedicated Unhesitating Service To Our Fighting Forces. Associated with Medical helicopters, like the UH-1 Huey and the UH-60 Blackhawk.

1. The M-19 Anti-Aircraft Tank, of the Korean War.
2. The M-42 Anti-Aircraft Tank, of the Vietnam War.

Dusting Off Attack-
(Slang) An attack made to keep a target damaged.

(Short) Distinguished Visitor. O-6 & Above Officer, or an elected Government Official.

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