Whirlwind Pilots Memorial
Noirmont Point, Jersey, Channel Islands

A plaque commemorating two pilots who were lost not far from this spot at Noirmont Point. Squadron Leader Robert S. Woodward, D.F.C., R.A.F. in a Westland Whirlwind (P7105) and Warrant Officer Donald B. MacPhail, R.C.A.F. in a Westland Whirlwind (P6987) both of 263 Squadron R.A.F. were lost on December 7, 1942 during an air attack.

The plaque is mounted at the door of the former German command bunker which was part of the Atlantic Wall defense system.

Overall view of the command bunker entrance.
(Photos courtesy of Edward F. "Ned" Malet de Carteret, M.C.S.I.)
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Page published Jan. 1, 2013