Spanish-American War Memorial
Coffeyville, Kansas

A small memorial dedicated to those local men who were lost on Luzon, Philippines during the Spanish-American War, located on the grounds of Fairview Cemetery in Coffeyville, Kansas. The memorial was commissioned by Capt. David S. Elliott, U.S. Army and editor of the Coffeyville Journal. Capt. Elliott commissioned the memorial while he was serving in the Philippines, but he would never see it. He was killed by a sniper on Feb. 28, 1899 just days after the memorial was dedicated. It stands today to commemorate him and the others who never came home.

Close-up of the Spanish War Veterans crest at the top of the memorial.

Close-up of the dedication.

Close-up of the names of the local men who were lost in the conflict.

Overview of the Spanish-American War Memorial in Coffeyville, Kansas.
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