München, Germany

A photochrom print of the Siegestor (Victory gate) as it originally appeared. Located between the university and the Ohmstrasse, on the intersection of the Leopoldstrasse and the Ludwigstrasse in München (Munich), Germany it was completed in 1852 and dedicated to the Bayern (Bavarian) Armies. The inscription at the top reads "Dem Bayerischen Heere" which translates to The Bavarian Armies.


Photograph of the Siegestor taken before 1890 showing the arch as it originally appeared. The inscription reads "Erected by King Ludwig I of Bayern 1850".


Closer view of the back side of the Siegestor as it originally appeared.


The Siegestor was damaged during the Second World War and rebuilt, however not restored to it's original appearance. It has since been re-dedicated as a monument to peace. The inscription reads " Dem Sieg geweiht, vom Krieg zerstört, zum Frieden mahnend" which translates "Dedicated to victory, destroyed by war, reminder of peace".


Page published Nov. 1, 2009