Samuel Plimsoll Monument
London, England

This is the memorial to a man who worked tirelessly to improve the conditions and safety of mariners at a time when regulations were few and far between and the shipping owners were ruthless in exploiting their vessels to maximum financial gain with little regard to the mariners who worked them, Samuel Plimsoll. He made himself thoroughly objectionable and unpopular with the establishment (of which, as a member of parliament he was one).

His greatest achievement was the passing of Merchant Shipping Acts which set in place legislation for the protection of mariners and the enduring tangible evidence of this if the Plimsoll mark on all cargo vessels defining their loaded and unloaded draught. This piece of legislation, adopted internationally by all the maritime nations, did more for saving life at sea than any other measure or activity before or since.

The monument is located on the Thames Embankment, north side near the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. London


Samuel Plimsoll monument.


Close-up of the bust of Samuel Plimsoll.


Close-up of the inscription.


The lower half of the monument.

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