Remembrance Driveway
Sydney, Australia

This small memorial is located in Macquarie Place, at the intersection of Loftus and Bridge Streets, Sydney adjacent to a sandstone obelisk from which all distances are measured in New South Wales. As the inscription says, REMEMBRANCE DRIVEWAY is a living memorial, a series of plantations of Australian native trees and shrubs, parks and rest areas dedicated to the memory of members of the armed forces of Australia who served in WW2, Korea, Malaya, Borneo, South Vietnam and as UN peacekeepers. 

Many of the rest areas along the road side are named in honour of Victoria Cross recipients, the VC being the highest military honour of the British Commonwealth. Stretching some 320km between Sydney and Canberra, it may also be one of the longest such memorials. 

Close-up of the plaque.

The sign marking the beginning of the Remembrance Driveway at the Canberra end.
All photos courtesy of Peter F. Williams
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Page published Feb. 24, 2009