Randall County Veterans Park
Amarillo, Texas
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The Randall County Veterans Park in Amarillo, Texas is dedicated to the veterans of the 26 counties which are known at the Panhandle of Texas. In the confines of the park are several distinct memorials including the Texas Panhandle War Memorial. The park is accented by the display of an U.S.A.F. F-100 Super Sabre.

The F-100 Super Sabre at the Randall County Veterans Park.

An overview of the Randall County Veterans Park, to the left is the Purple Heart Memorial, to the right is the Prisoner of War Memorial and the Battlefield Cross Memorial. In the center of the park is the Texas Panhandle War Memorial, in the background are the Memorial Bells which sound every day in honor of veterans of all wars.

The Purple Heart Memorial, on the bench at left is inscribed "In honor of all Mothers who have given so much. A mothers love endures all." On the bench at right is inscribed "In honor of all the wives who faithfully served at home."

Close-up of the Purple Heart Memorial.
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