Plymouth Naval Memorial
Plymouth, Devon, England

The Plymouth Naval Memorial that is situated on Plymouth Hoe and overlooks Plymouth Sound. This memorial is in honour of, and in memory of, those ranks and ratings of Plymouth who were killed in the defence of the Empire who were lost at sea and have no other grave. It includes those of Australia, South Africa, Newfoundland, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Fiji, The Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Malaya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Burma whose names are recorded on the memorial.

This monument was conceived and erected following the Great War (1914-18) to commemorate those men who had died in the War but had no known graves. Similar memorial were were constructed in each of the three ports from which the Royal Naval ships were manned (Chatham, Plymouth and Portsmouth). The design was such that each would be erected in a position where they would serve as a marker for shipping.

At the end of the Second World War (1939-45) it was decided to extend the memorial to include those who had died during that war and had no known grave. This extension was by the construction of a sunken, curved garden on the inland side of the memorial. At the entrance to the memorial are statues of Neptune and Amphitrite with sea horses and on the wall there is a central panel which bears the inscription "All these
were Honoured in their Generation and were the Glory of their Times", on either side are two sculptures of sailors. On the end walls are figures of a Royal marine and a member of the Maritime Regiment of the Royal

The base of the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

Another view of the memorial.

Close of the dedication plaque.
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