Man O'War Steps
Sydney, Australia

The Man O'War Steps are situated at the western end of Farm Cove adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Opera House on Bennelong Point where Fort Macquarie once stood. The steps were reconstructed in 1973 to coincide with the opening of the Sydney Opera House but their origins date to the governorship of Lachlan Macquarie, between 1810 and 1821, when a stone jetty and steps were constructed for the movement of military stores and personnel to and from Man O'War anchored nearby in Sydney Harbour. The Steps were transferred from the Royal Navy in 1913 to the then newly formed Royal Australian Navy and after some 60 years control was then transferred to the Maritime Services Board of NSW, now Sydney Ports Corporation.

The entrance to the Man O'War Steps, plaques mounted on columns at the entrance give visitors a glimpse into the historic place they are entering.

The plaque on the north column, the Sydney Opera House is seen in the background.

The plaque on the south column.

Close-up of the plaque on the north column.

Close-up of the plaque on the south column.

Aerial photo of Sydney Harbour, the Man O'War Steps are seen to the right and just south of the Sydney Opera House. The Circular Quay is seen on the left.
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Page published July 12, 2009