Lt. Colonel George Barney, R.E. Memorial
Sydney, Australia

The memorial to Lt. Col. George Barney, Royal Engineers, who was instrumental in the construction of many of Sydney's harbour side fortifications and government buildings during the mid 19th century. The monument, constructed from stones of Sydney's Victoria Barracks, is situated in Phillip Park, adjacent to the historic Cadman's Cottage at Circular Quay.

It was constructed by the Royal Australian Engineers in conjunction with the Sydney Cove Redevelopment Authority. The RAE trace their origins back to the colonial days when in 1860 the Corps of Engineers as established in the colonial state of Victoria. Within 16 years the 5 other Australian colonial States had also established similar Corps. A year after Federation of the Australia States in 1901, the armies of each colonial State were amalgamated to form the Australian Army and in 1907 the Corps of Engineers became the Australian Engineers by Royal assent. 

Later, in 1936, they became the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers. Use of the term "Sapper" for the rank of private has continued from colonial times, and taken from its use by the Royal Engineers to acknowledge the primary roll amongst the earliest engineers was to drive saps, or tunnels, towards the enemy positions and fortifications.


Close-up of the plaque for Lt. Col. Barney, the bust of Barney was made by Dennis Adams.


Close-up of the dedication plaque.


Close-up of the crest of the Royal Australian Engineers.

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