Llano County World War 1 Memorial
Llano, Texas
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Close-up of the plaque listing the names of those who gave their lives in the First World War.


Close-up of the World War 2 Honor Roll.


Overview of the Llano County World War 1 Memorial.


"Memorial Row" an overview of the Llano County Memorials on the grounds of the historic Llano County Courthouse in Llano, Texas. The memorials all face Ford street in front of the courthouse.
1. World War 1 Memorial.
2. World War 2 Honor Roll (alongside the World War 1 Memorial).
3. Desert Storm Troops Monument.
4. World War 2 Veterans Memorial.
5. Wars on Terror Memorial.
6. Veterans Memorial (Korea and Vietnam).
7. Confederate Soldier Memorial.

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Page published Oct. 4, 2009