Dalton Defenders Memorial
Coffeyville, Kansas

The Dalton Defenders Memorial in Coffeyville, Kansas is dedicated to the four men who were killed in the Dalton Gang raid on the town on Oct. 5, 1892. The notorious Dalton gang was attempting to rob two banks simultaneously, but were identified by a local resident. The Marshall and several other townsmen took up arms and there was a terrific gun battle in which the Marshall, Charles T. Connely, and three civilians, Lucius M. Baldwin, George B. Cubine and Charles Brown, were killed. Four of the Dalton Gang were also killed and a fifth was badly wounded, but survived. Two of the defenders, Cubine and Brown, are buried at the Elmwood Cemetery in Coffeyville not far from where three of the gang are also buried. Marshall Connely is buried in Independence, Kansas and Baldwin in Burlington, Kansas.
(Note, the smaller marker to the right is a plaque which denotes the visit of President William H. Taft to Coffeyville on Sept. 25, 1911)

Close-up of the Dalton Defenders Memorial.

The Dalton Defenders, a portrait of the men who lost their lives defending the town which is painted on the inside wall of the Dalton Defenders Museum, not far from where the shootout took place. From left to right:
Marshall Charles T. Connely, George B. Cubine, Lucius M. Baldwin and Charles Brown.

A mural painted on the Isham Hardware building shows Coffeyville and all the points of interest related to the Dalton Raid.
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