Bendigo Cenotaph
Bendingo, Victoria, Australia

The Bendigo Cenotaph located at Charing Cross, the junction of High and Mitchell Street with Pall Mall in the Victorian town of Bendigo, Australia. The Cenotaph was dedicated in 1957 and commemorates that sacrifice in all wars but has the years 1919 and 1945 engraved on its northern and southern faces marking the end of WWI and WWII, respectively.  This memorial is modelled on the Cenotaph located at Whitehall in London, UK.

The year 1919 on the front of the cenotaph.

The year 1945 on the back side of the cenotaph.

The front of the cenotaph.

Overview of the area including the Alexandra Fountain. The fountain opened in 1881 and named for Alexandra, Princess of Wales (1844-1925).
(Photos and text courtesy of Peter F. Williams)
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