Battle of May Island Memorial
Anstruther, Fife, Scotland

The Battle of May Island Memorial, located in Anstruther, Fife, Scotland commemorates the disaster that occurred just off the small Isle of May a few miles from this point on January 31, 1918. During maneuvers between the Grand Fleet and a group of K class submarines the darkness and confusion led to the loss of two submarines, HMS K-4 and HMS K-17, both rammed and sunk. Two other submarines, HMS K-14 and HMS K-22 were damaged. If this were not bad enough ships of the Grand Fleet, in an attempt to rescue survivors, ploughed through dozens of men in the water who had survived the loss of their boats killing them. When all was said and done one hundred and eight men had been lost. Because of the war the disaster was not reported and only became known later. This plinth was erected in 2002.

A commemoration plaque erected in 2001. Recently placed poppy wreaths can be seen at the base.

Close-up of the plaque.
(All photos courtesy of James Hendrie)
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Page published Jan. 1, 2013