Audley Honour Roll
Audley, New South Wales, Australia

The Audley Honour Roll located at Allambie Flats, Audley within the Royal National Park, Sydney, on the banks of the Hacking River. Note the Honour Roll is headed as "National Park".  The park, established in 1879, is the world's second oldest (after Yellowstone) area set aside and designated as a "national domain for rest and recreation" for public use as a national park.  The "Royal" prefix was added following the official visit in 1954 by Queen Elizabeth II.  The concept of a National Park was very different in those days and in it's early days the park was home to settlement and use by the military for training purposes during the Boer War and the Great War. The memorial was originally unveiled on June 21, 1919, but because of increasing traffic at its location on Farnell Ave. it was relocated in 2009 to Allambie Flats on upper reaches of the Hacking River at Audley.  It commemorates those from the National Park service and their sons who served during the Great War (WWI).

Another view of the Audley Honour Roll.

The back side of the memorial with a group of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos in the background.

Close-up of the Honour Roll.
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