Anderson Park War Memorial
Young, New South Wales, Australia

The Anderson War Memorial located in Anderson Park, Young, NSW, Australia. This park is named in remembrance of Charles Anderson (1897 - 1988). Anderson was born in South Africa and served with the British Commonwealth Forces during the Great War, earning the Military Cross for his actions.  He moved to the town of Young in southern NSW, after marrying the Australian Edith Tout who he had met while she was on safari in Kenya.

With the increasing threat of war, he volunteered for the Commonwealth Military Forces (CMF) in 1939 and the following year transferred to the 8th Division Australian Imperial Forces (AIF), the regular Australian army, and posted to Malaya in 1941 as part of the build up of British Commonwealth forces to counter the growing threat posed by Japan. Following Japan's entry in to the war in December 1941, their swift successes down the Malayan Peninsula saw a fighting withdrawal by British Commonwealth forces towards Singapore, largely without air or artillery support and with poor communications ineffective high command. 

During the Malayan campaign of December 1941 and January 1942, Anderson commanded the 2/19th Battalion AIF and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions, care for the men under his command and skilful leadership, in particular near Bakri after his battalion had become separated during the withdrawal. Here, Anderson lead by example and at one stage individually cleared a road block with grenades and pistol, thus inspiring the men under his command. After falling back to Singapore and the final surrender of Allied forces at Singapore on 14 February 1942, Anderson was taken prisoner of war and remained in captivity until the end of the war. The memorial to the fallen from the town of Young and surrounding areas was unveiled by Anderson and dedicated in April 1948.

Closer view of the memorial.

The dedication plaque.

The plaque on the opposite side of the memorial.

The Australia Remembers plaque.

75th anniversary Remembrance Day plaque.

Two memorial walls were added to either side of the memorial in 1997. These list local area residents those who served during the war.
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