Alice Springs War Memorial
Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

The Alice Springs War Memorial, situated on the crest of ANZAC Hill in the central Australian town of Alice Springs. The memorial was initially unveiled on ANZAC Day, 25 April 1934, to commemorate the service and sacrifice made by those from the town of Alice Springs during the Great War. This has since been extended to include all conflicts in which those from the Alice have served.

ANZAC Hill is located at the northern edge of the town centre with the memorial overlooking the town and surrounding areas. During World War II Alice Springs became a major storage and distribution centre for the reinforcement and supply of Darwin following the Japanese bombing raids in 1942. 

The plaque commemorating the Second World War.

Four plaques commemorating various conflicts.

Plaques commemorating the Korean War and the Malayan Conflict.

Plaques commemorating the Borneo and Vietnam wars.

Overview of ANZAC Hill seen from Alice Springs.
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