Adelaide River War Cemetery
Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia

The Adelaide River War Cemetery, this immaculately kept lawn cemetery was established during WW2 specifically for the burial of Service personnel who died in Northern Australia. It is maintained by the Australian War Graves Commission and contains 434 war graves. Within the War Cemetery is a Cenotaph plus a memorial listing the names of the men and women of all Services, including the Merchant Navy, killed in northern Australia and the nearby island of Timor.

Adjoining the War Cemetery is the Adelaide River Wartime Civilian Cemetery where 63 civilians, including those killed during the first bombing raids on Darwin on February 19, 1942 are buried.  Both cemeteries are enclosed within a garden of screening trees and shrubs.

Adelaide River was the first stop for many who fled Darwin after the initial air raids, heading southward across the continent towards Adelaide and other capital cities. A large military base and stores area was later established at Adelaide River which, being just over 100 km further inland, was considered a safer location than Darwin until the Japanese southward advance had been reversed.

The Adelaide River War Cemetery.

The Adelaide River War Cemetery.

The memorial listing the names of the service personnel who lost their lives in World War 2.

A memorial plaque to 31 Beaufighter Squadron R.A.A.F. at the Adelaide River War Cemetery.
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