14th Heavy and 2nd Light Anti-Aircraft Batteries Memorials
Darwin and Sydney, Australia

Three memorial plaques commemorating the actions of the 14th and 2nd Light and Heavy Anti Aircraft Batteries stationed at Darwin when, on 19 Feb 1942 against overwhelming odds in a very one-sided encounter, they engaged the first ever enemy to attack the Australian mainland. On that day, Japanese aircraft from the carrier force which had just 10 weeks earlier attacked the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour, bombed and strafed the ill-prepared city of Darwin in what was to be the first of 64 air raids across northern Australia through to November 1943. This plaque and the one below are located in Bicentennial Park at Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory.

The second memorial plaque located at Bicentennial Park, Darwin, Australia.

The 3rd memorial plaque which is located in the Garrison Church at The Rocks, Sydney, Australia.
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