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1938: "The Rhythmboys" crewmen of HMS Cossack L-03 playing at Tony's Bar in Valletta, Malta.

HMS Duchess H-64 seen in the Mediterranean Sea, date unknown.

HMNZS Achilles seen departing the Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta, date unknown.

HMS Ajax seen departing departing the Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta, date unknown.

The French battleship Lorraine seen in the Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta, date unknown.
All photos from the collection of Kenneth Charles Jones
Courtesy of Peter Adams

Kenneth Charles Jones is somewhat of an enigma, even to his relatives, he served in the Air Ministry during World War 2 and was stationed in Malta from 1938-1942, but in what capacity is not clear. It seems he was rather reluctant to talk about what he did for the ministry and it is thought he was involved in projects of the type better not known to those who knew him, or anyone else.

After the war he became chartered surveyor working in many countries including China, exactly where he was and what he was doing is still not known. He is described by his nephew as "an oddball maverick, lifelong bachelor, who disappeared traveling for years at a time".

The details of his life are still not known, but he did leave a photo album which his nephew Peter Adams was kind enough to scan and allow MaritimeQuest to publish. Many thanks are due to Peter for making this collection available for everyone.

These photos are published in no particular order as dates for most of the photos are not available.

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Page published Mar. 21, 2010