Fleet Week 2006 San Francisco
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Photos by Roy C. Thomas SO1 USN

An LCAC from the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6.


The USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 passes by the Jeremiah O'Brien.


The USS Nimitz CVN-68 in San Francisco Bay.


The USS Nimitz CVN-68 in San Francisco Bay.


Roy (our photographer) and his wife America Thomas on board the Jeremiah O'brien.


Hello again Michael:  These are not  professional quality pictures, but thought you might like to have a look just for the heck of it. Oct. 7 2006 was the first day of "Fleet Week San Francisco," featuring the "parade of ships" into SF Bay. They included Nimitz CVN-68, Bonhomme Richard LHD-6, 3 Burke class DD's, & several others. All my pictures were taken from the deck SS Jeremiah O'Brien, a 63 year old liberty ship that proudly resides at San Francisco and frequently makes bay tours. She was also the ONLY one of some 3,000 ships that participated in the Normandy invasion, to return to the scene for the 50th anniversary in 1994. It was my first time on the water under steam power in 55 years, so  you can imagine my state of mind, like a six year old kid in a candy store.  

Regards, Roy Thomas SO1 USN

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