Corporal Edwin Thomas Lammas RMA Photo Collection
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June 1914: The Russian Royal family seen aboard HMS Lion at Kronstadt, Russia.
Pictured are; Czar Nicholas II and Czarina of Russia, Admiral David Beatty, Lady Beatty, Lord Chatfield, The
Captain of HMS Lion, Prince George, Prince Louis of Battenberg, British Ambassador Sir Arthur Nicholson,
Lady Nicholson, Lady Randolph Churchill, Admiral James, Grand Duke Nicolis, Grand Duke Serge, Grand Duke
Dimitrie, Grand Duchess Olga, Commodore Plunket, 3 midshipmen and 4 princesses.


Albert Lammas, it was he who began collecting these photos, sadly he died aboard ship while in service.


Edwin Thomas Lammas, Gunner, Royal Marine Artillery. Staff Orderly to Admiral Sir Charles Drury, C-in-C HMS Queen, Mediterranean Fleet, 1907-08.

(All photos from the collection of Corporal Edwin T. Lammas RMA)
Courtesy of David M. Butland
Scans by Philip J. Heydon ISM


This collection was started by Albert Lammas RN, and was taken over and expanded after his death by his
brother Edwin T. Lammas RMA. The photos are shown with the captions as added by Edwin when he put the
album together (unless a caption was not provided). They have been rearranged by general subject and
are not in chronological order. This album represents not only the vessels Edwin served on, but many places
that were visited during his service. It gives a good look into the past and shows the many diverse cultures
and places a sailor may visit during service to his country.

Great appreciation must be given to David M. Butland, Edwin's grandson, for allowing MaritimeQuest to
display this collection. Further appreciation goes to Philip J. Heydon ISM for his efforts scanning and
cataloging the collection.


Page 21
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