Chief Motor Machinist's Mate Edwin Andrew Johnson, U.S.N.
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May 1942: Crewmen from USS Dorsey DMS-1 seen at Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.
From left to right are: F3c Weldon J. Hailey, MM2c Edwin A. Johnson, F1c Edsel Barger and F1c James A. Regan.

May 1942: S2c Sven Matson (USS Dorsey DMS-1) seen at Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.

September 1942: Edwin A. Johnson seen at Woodland Park, Seattle, Washington.

Photo signed "To Eddie one swell guy, Joe Apr. 5, 1943." Joe may have been a crewman from USS Bogue
ACV-9, but we have not been able to identify him.

April 23-24, 1943: Edwin A. Johnson seen at the Band Box on Randolph Street in Chicago, Illinois. The caption on the photo reads: A ghastly reproduction of what really is three very nice people.

"A few of the boys" The names listed are R. B. Singleton, H. D. Bumgarner, J. D. White, R. J. Woodrow and
R. Evans.

USS YMS-365. Sunk by mine June 26, 1945.

Edwin A. Johnson seen on USS YMS-365.

The ship's mascot "Doc" seen on USS YMS-365.

Doc seen with QM1c Charles B. "Chick" Silcox on USS YMS-365.

GM2c John W. Woodward, S1c William C. Bones and GM3c Russell D. Richardson seen on USS YMS-365.
All photos from the collection of CMoMM Edwin A. Johnson, U.S.N.
Courtesy of Janet Cucinotti

This collection of never before published photos was provided by Janet Cucinotti, Edwin's daughter. MaritimeQuest would like to thank Janet for scanning his collection and allowing us to publish it on the site.

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