Colin W. Hewitt Collection

Sea Cadets at HMS St. Vincent, summer 1954.

Colin Hewitt outside of Victoria Barracks, Feb. 1954.

HMS Indefatigable at Gibraltar, training class Beatty 239, Mar. 1954.

Colin Hewitt on HMS Indefatigable, Torquay 1954.

Colin Hewitt at Alderney, June 1954.

May 15, 1954: HMS Gay Charioteer P-1048 (left) and HMS Gay Archer P-1041 seen on the River Thames escorting the Royal Barge.

June 1954: Four Gay class boats, including HMS Gay Archer P-1041 (foreground) seen at Hon Fleur, France.

Attacking HMS Bulwark R-08, Oct. 1954.

Britannia Royal Naval Collage, Dartmouth, June 1955.

Colin Hewitt at home (undated).

HMS Gay Caribineer P-1045 at Lowestoft (undated).
(All photos courtesy of Colin W. Hewitt)
Scans and captions by Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.

Colin W. Hewitt Collection
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