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December 29, 2005
Subject: Your site

Michael, just had a look at your site it is fantastic the photo's of ships modern and old are stunning,
I presume you are attempting to gather new photo's of some ships mentioned in the database,
if i can find some I will e-mail them to you, unfortunately many are now long gone.
I did enjoy the pictures of the TITANIC and her sister ships they are massive. Keep up the good work Sir.

Kerry Lester
Hertfordshire, England

January 31, 2006
Subject: Aquitania

I am just going through your site now for the first time. I traveled on the ship in August 1948 as a four year old: England to Canada. One of my few memories still with me before the age of five is the ballroom. I guess that sort of opulence to a post-war kid was worth remembering ! Anyway, just to let you know that I am in possession of my parents original breakfast/dinner/lunch menus - including a Children's tea party, August 12th, 1948 - not that I remember that! I look forward to seeing more on the site and reading of others who may have stories. Today, I am trying to find out exactly how long it took to cross the Atlantic on my voyage (days and  hours). I am assuming it is on the site or via the web somewhere - so I will continue my research.

G. Waymark.

February 1, 2006
Subject: Derfflinger photos

Thank you for providing me with additional real life pictures of the German Battle Cruiser Derfflinger.  Everything I have researched points to her as a very gallant opponent in WW1.

Cordially yours,
David M. Paul
Ontario, California

February 6, 2006
Subject: USS Nimitz

My name is Terrance J Swartz and I served aboard the USS Nimitz, V-2 Division from 74-78, and I am a plank owner and would like to hear from other shipmate that served during that period.  I worked the waist and bow catapults.  Topside safety observer.

Terrance J. Swartz

February 7, 2006
Subject: HMS Resolution

HI, My great uncle served on the RESOLUTION IN 1901 of off GIBRALTAR according to 1901 CENSUS , I have just found this out , he was ABLE SEAMAN JOHN BUDD, would love to know just what they were doing there at that time,  I think your photos of the ship are wonderful& can imagine him on the ship,  
Thank you for a lovely & informative site, will now try & get his navel record to see if he survived .               

Thank you once again,                                       
Pat Goddard

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Jan. 12, 2007

Did anyone find out what HMS Resolution was doing at Gib. in 1901? A passenger was F. W. Fison MP for
Doncaster. Were they going to the celebrations for Australia becoming a Commonwealth?

Alan Downing

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Sept. 7, 2009

I may be years behind on this but someone asks what the ship was doing and mentions my great grandfather, F.W.Fison. From what I've read of his diaries etc., I think they may have been observing an eclipse.

Best wishes,
Charlie Fison

February 12, 2006
Subject: USS Vermont

Great site! My Grandfather Walter T. McCoy served on this ship during World War 1. To confirm this we would like to know where to go for a old crew list from WW1. Thank you

Tom Kujath
Michigan, USA

February 17, 2006
Subject: HMS Illustrious

I have just found the photos of Illustrious, thank-you for posting them, we have very few photos of her. My father served on her, Donald James Gordon Mitchell, Master at Arms.

Sylvia Cottridge
Queensland, Australia

February 17, 2006
Subject: HMS Wildfire

I am looking for a picture of HMS Wildfire---my Uncle Bill served and was lost on her during WW2. ANY information on this vessel would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you--
Mrs. Ada Bradbury

Just want to say "Thank you". Got great feedback on my posting -- and with a little sleuthing found out what I needed to know. Found out H.M.S. Wildfire was a training base, and new seamen were stationed there before being assigned.The last WILDFIRE that was an actual vessel was a sailing ship (!).Today's WILDFIRE is a training facility--you can visit their website. Just google H.M.S. Wildfire.

I found out that my Uncle Bill was lost on the "Lady Hawkins", and received a wealth of info and pictures on "Avenger", the vessel on which my Uncle Art served and was lost. As well, my Dad's ship, "Eminent" turned up info and a picture. How much this means to me you can never know. Thank you for such a wonderful site--and a million thank you's to all who sent me in formation..

All the best from,
Mrs. Ada Bradbury

February 26, 2006
Subject: Spotlights on Titanic

Could spotlights have prevented disaster? were they feasible or like the needed amount of lifeboats being non-existent the proper lights not there for why? or if there just not adequate? maybe too simplified? never heard the subject discussed.

Larry Johnson

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February 28, 2006

I may not have the fraction correct, but only one tenth of an iceberg is visible,9/10ths. are below the surface.
If spotted above water, the Titanic by trying to avoid it could have steered straight into it.The Titanic was a
very long narrow ship and, I believe slow to turn.

James McIntosh

February 26, 2006
Subject: HMS Valiant

Dear Michael,
I am trying to locate a video called ' The Valiant years' a short documentary type film, from around the 1950's.Would you or anybody out there be aware of such a video. Please pass on my address to anybody who could help. Thank you, with much anticipation.

Marian Cox

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Feb. 2, 2007

Don't know if it helps but the BBC ran this series on TV in the late 50s. Maybe if you checked with them they
will be of help.

Best of luck,

March 5, 2006
Subject: HMS Courageous

Is there any survivor(s) out there who was on the “Courageous” was sunk.? My father, now 84, survived and I am looking to see if there is any help in forming a lasting memory for him. He spent all his working life in the RAF so I guess he was a young fleet air arm starter. He has never said much about what happened so my details are very limited, so I would like to think I could talk to him with some knowledge.


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June 7, 2007

Hi Ian
If you go to Youtube on Google you can see the ship being fired upon from german cruisers,It is amazing what WW2 footage can be found on this site.

Best Wishes

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Oct. 5, 2007

I don't know much about the sinking, but apparently my great uncle James Miller went down with it. My family are from Belfast and my uncle, being patriotic, joined up on the outbreak of WW2. He had already
been in WW1 and was now in his 40s. His family warned him "you know this war won't be as safe as the
last one was for the Navy" - within days of it starting, of course, the Courageous was torpedoed. I know the memorial is in Portsmouth.

Aaron Boyd

March 5, 2006
Subject: Congrats on your site

You have done a very good job on your web site. How do you get such *vivid* photos like the Japanese Surrender photos aboard the USS Missouri BB-63 ? I have been collecting photos and info from web sites for the past five years for my *memoirs* for my family. I was a sight-setter on one of the 5" anti-aircraft / bombardment guns aboard the USS Mississippi BB-41 during 1944-46. Thank you for your web site. I will keep it in my favorites.

Howard Minor
Council Bluffs, Iowa

March 23, 2006
Subject: Great

First time on your site found very interesting and will return. Great info,photos,etc.
Very well done.

Alan Deyna-Jones

March 24, 2006
Subject: SS Owain Tudor

During a family tree search, I came across details of a great uncle who was on the Owain Tudor when it was reputedly reported torpedoed in the first war. Is there any way that I can find any details of the ship or its cargo. The only information I could find through Lloyds was that a ship was registered as Tudor in 1887 out of Liverpool.

John Grahm

March 27, 2006
Subject HMS Illustrious

It is the 27th March 2006, HMS Illustrious is just about deploy for the next 4 months. I know this as my husband is currently serving on her. My thoughts are going out to my husband and all the crew who are currently serving on her . All the best for this future deployment and have a save return back to all of us in July 06. Have a great deployment,

Bev, Chloe and Holly Davidson

March 27, 2006
Subject HMS Ocean

Going through some old family photograph's I found one of the survivors of HMS Ocean, it looks to have been taken aboard HMS Swiftsure. I have no idea as to what member of the family would have served on either of these ships, is there any way I can obtain a list of names of the crew.

Charmaine Emery

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If you know the full name of your relative who served aboard HMS Ocean you can contact, Data Protection
Cell, Building 1/152, Victory View, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, Hants, PO1 3PX. Telephone number 02392 727470. HM Naval base will send you a form, fill this in with all the details that you may know about your relative. I have done this about a month ago to get my fathers Naval record how ever let me warn that they will then require a copy of your relative's death certificate you can get this from the local Registrars Office providing you know in what Parish he is died/ buried in, the Navy will only require a photo copy of the death certificate. You will also require to send a copy of your own birth certificate with the Naval form together with a cheque for £30 and after about a fortnight to three weeks you will receive the full history of your relatives Naval Career.

I wish you all the very best in your quest it will be worth it in the end...

Kind Regards,
John Patten

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Oct. 14, 2007

My father was on HMS Ocean when it sank in WW1. He was transferred to HMS Triumph which was a Swiftshure class warship. I think that the remnants of the HMS Ocean crew were probably transferred to the Triumph rather than HMS Swiftsure. Of course the Triumph ended up being torpedoed about a month later.

R . F. Redfern

April 1, 2006
Subject: Thank You

Just wanted to say thank you. I enjoyed the photos. Reminds me of my tour aboard Big E from 1986 through 1992 as ships company. Thanks again.

Geoff Maloney

April 5, 2006
Subject: HMS Hermes

Where is the Hermes from 1945 to 1974 as I served on her from 67 to 71 after being transferred from the Victorious after the fire in 67.

Philip Atkinson

April 6, 2006
Subject: RMS Arundel Castle

My parents were in the middle east with the British army in the 1940's. They are both deceased now but I came across a postcard/letter with the Arundel Castle photo on it, from one of their army colleges, so looked up your site for information on it, very informative thank you.

Lynn Monson

April 7, 2006
Subject: RN

What a brilliant RN site, its the best one I have see so far and I have a lot of RN sites on my computer this one is the best, the pics are stunning along with the German ships as well, I served in the RN 60-71 and 88-91


April 15, 2006
Subject: HMS Duke of York

My name is Rosmary Cawley and I live in Stoke on Trent I have just looked through your pictures of the Duke of York and they are among the nicest I have seen thank you. My father served on that ship in WW11 his name was John Williamson, Jack for short and it is interesting to see the ship in such a well photographed way.

Thank you again,

April 20, 2006
Subject: HMS Royal Sovereign

I have a collection of photographs of my late father's during his navy days at the end of the 20's to 1933. A few are concerning HMS Vampire which I see is not on your list, but I have attached one which is of some of the crew of HMS Royal Sovereign, taken about 1929. My father, Archie Shand, is in the back row on the left.
I know that it is a very long shot but wonder if anyone recognizes any of the sailors.

Yours sincerely,
Alex Shand

HMS Royal Sovereign 1920's crew.

April 25, 2006
Subject: HMS Glory

My name is Colin Yates also known as Taffy Yates I served on HMS Glory as an aircraft electrician for 2 years attached to 14th carrier air group from 1949 to 1953 most of that time in the far east Korea.

Colin Yates

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December 5, 2006

Hi Colin
Just wondered if you knew my uncle, Norman Boyd Scott Stewart, born Scotland 1929? He was on the Glory
and was amongst the crew members who 'jumped ship' when the Glory docked in Sydney in 1951 or if you are in contact with any of the crew who stayed behind in Sydney??


April 26, 2006
Subject: HMS Carpathia

My great grandfather was David Eaton, shipwright on the Carpathia. Can anybody identify him on the photographs displayed on this site?

Geoffrey Buckingham

April 9, 2006
Subject: HMS Glorious

I have a framed photo of 'G' at anchor dated 1930's. My uncle was a SBA PO on her last sortie, sadly he is still on board. The photo was printed and framed by R W Luckhamn,s of Plymouth.

Peter Goodman

Reply 1

There is an Association called GLARAC, which was formed in 2002, by relatives of those lost on Glorious,
Ardent and Acasta. Please contact if you require details.

Gary Martin

May 5, 2006
Subject: USS Plattsburg

My great-uncle, Chester Snyder (US Army - AEF) returned from France after WWI aboard the USS Plattsburg (aka New York). For years, he had a picture of the ship hanging on his wall, which we still have. It is the same as the picture you have in your photo gallery captioned USS Plattsburg SP-1645. His picture has a caption "USS Plattsburg" in white below the hull of the ship. To the best of my knowledge, we never knew the history of the ship including the near collision with the Titanic several years earlier. Thank you for the very interesting historical summary and pictures.

Lawrence B. Snyder
Lewisburg, Ohio

May 8, 2006
Subject: Pics & Info

I like your site! Great pics & Info. Thanks for sharing.........

Clyde Gulley
Lockport, Illinois, USA

May 10, 2006
Subject: HMS Implacable

I served on HMS Implacable from early 1949 until she paid off in 50/51. During that time, the admiral of the Home Fleet, of which she was the Flagship, was Sir Roderick McGrigor, who was succeeded by Sir Philip Vian. I was not aware that Vian was on the ship, earlier, in the middle east, but I could be wrong.

I was a stoker mechanic in 52 mess (I think) amongst a pile of people Specially Selected for Accelerated Advancement. I doubt if many of my them shipmates are still around but it would be nice to here from any that are.

Ray (Red) Clowes
now in Australia.

May 26, 2006
Subject: Your site.

Very interesting and informative site. We have had a free to enter Guestbook and blog together with quite a few pictures onsite but are now being hampered by Spam and also a reluctance to allow the publishing of pictures.
Eagle Communicator has now had to preview entries into our Guestbook and Blog.

However we are pleased with the achievement of allowing hundreds of Ex HMS Eagle personnel and their friends and families to contact each other without charge. The Reunions have been quite a revelation and have been attended in good numbers, adding well deserved funding to an RNA or Legion Branch.

Keep up the good work for the Carriers, although numbers of them reduce, they must be the most exciting and active 24 hour Warships to serve on and admire.

Dave J
Website Administration

June 6, 2006
Subject: American Veteran

I was aboard the America in the CIC area from June 1975 to July 1978. I was very proud to be on a ship named after the country that I love so very much. My time aboard America saw the Lebanon crisis and the Lybian encounters. I was an Electronic Warfare Technician E6 when I departed and had passed the Chiefs test and was to be promoted had I stayed in, but family matters caused me to depart at the end of my enlistment.
I have very fond memories of America and her crew and the cruises that I was able to go on. We were very excited to be the first carrier to have the new F-14's come aboard. I just read the article about the sinking and I have to say there was somewhat of a lump in my throat as I read on her death. My time on America was good to me and I would not trade a moment of it for anything. Please place me on the roster and if there is a mailing list, include me.

Mike Parnell,
Holly Springs, North Carolina

June 8, 2006

I have to say that this was an amazing web page. Great collection of photos. I do have one comment, under the Battleship Iowa page, you have a picture from 1954 of all of the Iowa class ships together, and you state that this is the only time all four were together. When I visited the Missouri in Hawaii, they had a picture of all for together, and I believe it was taken in the 80's, after the re-fit. Just as an FYI. Keep up the great work.

Brian Janeczek

June 21, 2006
Subject: Former Navy Vet

Just wanted to say, AWESOME site!!!!!! I was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Kirk (FF-1087) in Long Beach from 91' to 93'. During that time at Pier #6, we had the pleasure of being moored across from the U.S.S. Missouri (BB-63). A Good friend of mine gave me a tour just before the filming of "Under Siege". Needless to say, the Missouri ending up at Pearl Harbor will definitely be a place I will take the wife and kids someday. To all of my shipmates and to all that still serve or have served, May God bless you and yours!

Sn. S.P. Dworakoski
USS Kirk (FF-1087)

(I served onboard the Missouri and Thank you. I also served onboard the Kirk when you were there. Sm1 (sw) LEVI. Did you stay for the turn over to Tiwan ?
James Levi, bb63levi@verizon .net)

June 27, 2006
Subject: Your Site

Hello Michael!

Coincidence! Of all people! John Asmussen is also a very dear friend of mine. This is really a small world... I collided with your site during the wee hours of the morning and kind of got stranded! I was searching for something on the net that I can no longer recall. Your site really got me gripped! As to John's site, I completely agree with you. Fantastic 'tour de force'! Same goes to you! Do keep up the excellent work! Congratulations.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,


July 18, 2006
Subject: USS Enterprise

Great photos! I served on her from '97-'03 in V-3 Hangar Deck Div.

Tim Gustafson

July 18, 2006
Subject: Website

Just discovered your site this day and have to express my appreciation for your hard work. The pictures are outstanding. Keep up the good work. If you are interested in pictures of U.S.S. Sanctuary AH-17 I will try to find
some from my service in her from 1969-70. Again, my sincere thanks, sir.

Jim Morgan
Catholic Confederate residing in the Federal Satrapy of Ohio

July 18, 2006
Subject: What a great site

Just a quick note to tell you what a great site this is.

Vince O'Grady
Melbourne, Australia

July 23, 2006
Subject: HMS Repulse

My father William ( Bill ) Patten service number J111506 joined the Repulse from HMS Victory 1 in April 1936, Repulse sailed from Portsmouth in I believe May of that year for the Mediterranean and probably her last peace time commission and also my father's last sea commission after 14 years service man and boy, two old sea dogs together. I have attached the original copy of a telegraph message received aboard Repulse from Malta informing my father of the birth of my elder sister in April 1937. In March 1938 my father refused re-enlistment in the Navy and was then transferred to HMS Glasgow the light cruiser which was to bring him back to Blighty and he arrived back in Portsmouth May 1938. There is also a second attachment a photograph of my father my eldest brother and my sister taken on Navy Day in Portsmouth August 1938 in December of that year he was de- mobbed from the Royal Navy. He then joined the Prison Service as a Prison Officer for the next 24 years.

I have some more photographs regarding sports activities aboard HMS Repulse in my attic when I can find them I will send you some copies. I do have a copy of my fathers crossing the line certificate dated 1926 when he was on HMS Effingham. I know this does not relate to the Repulse but, it's all part of any sailors service. If you would like a copy please let me know.

John Patten





July 23, 2006
Subject: Queen Mary

My partner and I have just discovered after losing a family member a card and poster revealing that my partners great grandfather was in the navy and perished aged 23 aboard the HMS Queen Mary. We are now starting to research this as we don't know a thing about the ship. I would be grateful if you could forward me any interesting sites regarding the ship and crew or any other relevant information. His name was Harry Paul and he was a 1st stoker we believe. Any information greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Lisa Bradley

Reply 1

Lisa, My advice to you is if you want to trace your partners great grandfather's Navy career is to telephone 02392 727470 which is the telephone number for the Data Protection Cell, Building 1/152, Victory View, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3PX. They will advise you on what you have to do to get hold of his Naval history. With regards to HMS Ocean you should be able to find this ship on the web, just type in HMS Ocean.

Kind Regards,
John Patten

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Nov. 17, 2006

Japanese Navy observer Commander Chiusuke Shimimora killed when she blew up. Transferred from
Japanese escort flotilla based at Malta WW1.

Paul Campbell

July 24, 2006
Subject : USS Robert G. Bradley FFG-49

Great web site, enjoyed seeing earlier pictures of my current ship!


CMDCM(SW) Daniel P Lithgow
"Power to Prevail" - CMC


July 24, 2006
Subject: Tug of war team HMS Victory

Michael, I have found this picture (above attachment) of my father William (Bill) Patten service number J111506 fourth from the left on the back row and the rest of the winning tug of war which represented Collingwood Division at HMS Victory Portsmouth. The semi final and final took place on the 19th of March 1936 (just a month before he joined HMS Repulse). My father has written on the back of the Photograph, " Semi final won by 2, pulls to 1, shortest semi final pull was 49 seconds, the final pull lasted 2 minutes 35 seconds.

I thought you may post this on your web site in case anyone visiting your web page may recognize a family member.

John Patten

July 30, 2006
Subject: Mighty Ike

As a former navy person, I sailed on the Ike with airwing 7. Having sailed on her for 16 months out of three years. Seeing the ship again brings back memories. The one picture of the ship transiting the Suez Canal, I was on the deck when the picture was taken from the helo. Nice to see my former carrier again.

Don Harris

August 16, 2006
Subject: USS Clark

Good Morning:
I was visiting the website of Naval ships and I happened to wonder on the site of the ship that I was on; USS CLARK. This was like being in a candy store seeing how the ship was and is today. I was on the first crew leaving Bath Iron Works in 1979 and it was indeed a new challenge for me. I remember most of the Officers names and some of the enlisted men with my favorite being Chief Morgan, we worked in the ships office and man he was something else.

David Anderson

Aug. 16, 2006
Subject: USS Kearsarge LHD-3

Just stumbled across this site tonight....GREAT. My husband, Jeremy Stillson, served on the USS Kearsarge
LHD-3 until he got out in '97. I am anxious to show him these great pictures !!!!

Jennifer Stillson
Lexington, South Carolina

August 23, 2006
Subject: HMS Eagle

I was very interested to find the site with photos of Eagle. I served on her during the 60's as a photographer. One of the photos in your gallery may have been taken or printed by me. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes,

Captain Ian "Jock" Hyden RCT. Ret'd.

August 23, 2006
Subject: USS Halyburton FFG-40

Great Pictures of the “Fightin-40” – Stationed on the USS Halyburton from 1987-1989 out of Charleston – Great memories while coming of age – Wouldn't’ trade the people I met or the places I went for anything – Wish my shipmates the best in whatever they are doing wherever!

Mike Keene

August 27, 2006
Subject: USS South Dakota

I'm Bruce D. Gatliff, my father retired from the US Navy in 1961 he passed away Dec. 2000. I would like to know about a memorial at South Dakota museum where my family could place a plaque or picture. If you can steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

Bruce D. Gatliff

August 28, 2006
Subject: USS Mississippi AG-128

Served on board this ship from 10/53 to 4/55 as a Yeoman in the gunnery office. I was also assigned to the office of the Terrier Missile System.


September 4, 2006
Subject: USS Reid FFG-30

USS REID FFG-30 Plankowner. I really enjoyed the pictures posted on the site. They took me back to an outstanding time in my life. Seeing the commissioning picture of Commander Thomas J. Barnett taking on task of her captain really took me back. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Plankowner SK3 Darryl K. Cole
8-8-82 to 12-5-85

September 6, 2006
Subject: Merchant Marine

Having been a mariner for over 30 years I find your site to be one of excellence. A true archive for us all. I am formerly from Liverpool, England. As a boy in the 50's I remember taking the overhead railway along the docks to view the great liners. It use to be our Sunday day out treat. Do you have any pictures of those great ships, the Empress group especially. There are beautiful models in the maritime museum of Liverpool but alas visiting is restricted to once every couple of years.

D.R. (Dave) Turrie
Snr. Chief Engineer
M.V. Quinsam

September 8, 2006
Subject: USS New York BB-34

Thanks for the web site and the guest book. Our father John S. Cole served on The USS New York during WW2. He was a gunner's mate first class and a bosin's mate first class. Was in the South Pacific with her. He was in a sea bee battalion. Thanks again. Would Love to see the new girl launched. God Bless her and may he keep her and her new crew out of harm's way.

Cathy Rowland and Robert F. Cole
In memory of our Father

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