Daily Event for April 3, 2019

The full court press, one might suggest collusion, between the democrat party and the media continues. Because the Mueller report summary did not contain the information the left wanted, they must do everything that they can to diminish both the Attorney General Bob Barr AND Mueller. It seems that the people who are in charge of protecting your freedom only do so when it agrees with their position. This is VERY DANGEROUS. When the people who run the government are corrupt in thought and actions, where can you turn when it's you that is no longer in favor with the ruling class? Not only the leadership of the democrat party, but EVRY democrat candidate for president have decided that they don't agree with the summary of the Mueller report. Mueller, the man who they chose because they loved him, the man with the most credibility in Washington, the man who would get Trump, THEIR man. Well it looks like THEIR man found nothing, but THEY don't like that. They said WE KNOW TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA, they said WE HAVE EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION, they said, TRUMP WILL BE IMPEACHED, they said and said and said for over two years. In the end Mueller (according to the summary) found nothing. This was not for lack of trying.

While many are cheering that Mueller found nothing and now many on the right think Mueller is a good guy, let me remind you that he is not. It seems likely that Mueller knew for a considerable length of time that there was no collusion. It also seems that Mueller must have known that the entire investigation was begun under fraudulent circumstances, but he continued to investigate. It appears that in the end even Mueller had to admit that there was no collusion.

At this point we have only the summary of the report, and of course the media and the democrat party are advancing the same mantra. We need to see the whole report. This started the day the summary was released, but the tactic was put in place much earlier to get everyone on the same page.

I would suggest that in order to spare the country much despair and consternation, Mr. Mueller should hold a press conference and either confirm that Mr. Barr's summary is correct or explain that Mr. Barr has misinterpreted his (Mueller's) findings. This would quell the snarling voices on the left, or confirm that Barr is lying to the American public.

So Mr. Mueller, are you a patriot or not. A patriot would do what he could to heal the country. You could do this immediately and with just a few words.

Well now you know what I think, it's your turn to tell me how I am wrong.
© 2019 Michael W. Pocock