Daily Event for September 11, 2015

The above image caused some controversy recently. It was mostly people who objected to pointing out that many muslims are extremists (formally known as terrorists). Nothing was mentioned about the truth of the image, only that muslims were "attacked" and American left-wing liberals (a.k.a. progressives or democrats) don't like the truth when it points out a flaw with a group of people, especially a "protected" democrat voter block.

I would like to point out that, according to the current media and political propaganda, "the majority of muslims are peaceful people and don't support the muslim terrorists." In 1940's Germany most Germans were peaceful people as well.

Current estimated muslim population: 1,000,000,000 (5%= 50,000,000 / 10%= 100,000,000)
German population in 1940: 70,000,000 (7%= 4,900,000)

The remaining 65,000,000 "peaceful" Germans were unable to stop the Nazi regime from setting Europe on fire.
(As a side note the population of Japan in 1941 was 71,000,000, it may be assumed that most of them were peaceful people as well.)
(*Populations rounded to the nearest million.)

From Sept. 1, 1939 to Sept. 2, 1945 the approximately 10,000,000 Nazis and Japanese, who were not peaceful, brought death and destruction to the world. The approximately 120,000,000 "peaceful" Germans and Japanese were ineffective in stopping the slaughter.
Site of the World Trade Center in New York City, NY after the attacks of september 11, 2001.

The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

It is worth noting that the damage shown above, along with Flight 93 which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania was accomplished by 19 muslim terrorists. In all they killed 2,977 people. What could 50 to 100 million muslim terrorists do?

Battleship row, Dec. 7, 1941. The Japanese attack caused the deaths of 2,403 people. By the end of the war the death toll was about 54 million.

So exactly what is wrong with the top image? What untruth does it tell? None I can see. I also have to wonder, how many peaceful Iranians are there? And how peaceful will they be after they get the bomb? Remember, the aggressor sets the rules.
We remember September 11, 2001
© 2015 Michael W. Pocock