Daily Event for February 16, 2015

HM Trawler Ormonde FY-782 had been built in 1906 at Cochrane & Sons in Selby and during the Great War she was hired by the Admiralty. Again during the Second World War the Admiralty called her up. First in Nov. of 1939 as an auxiliary patrol boat, then in Nov. of 1940 she was converted into a minesweeper. On February 16, 1941 she was off the coast of Scotland near Cruden Bay presumably searching for mines when she was attacked by German aircraft.

The destruction must have been swift and complete, she sank with all hands. I have no account of the sinking at this time and to the best of my knowledge the wreck has not been positively located, although there is more than one possibly location which has been identified. The Admiralty announced her loss on Feb. 24 with these few words:

"The Board of Admiralty regrets to announce that HM Trawler Ormonde (Acting Skipper W. T. Coull, R.N.R.) has been sunk. The next-of-kin of casualties have been informed."

In mid March the list of casualties was released to the press, but no further details, including that the entire crew had been lost, were forthcoming. Apparently four bodies were recovered or washed up, but the remaining fifteen men were never found.
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Roll of Honour
In memory of those who lost their lives in
HM Trawler Ormonde FY-782
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Channing, Donald C.
Ordinary Seaman (RNPS)
Coull, William T.
Skipper (RNR)
Commanding officer
Cummings, William T.
Stoker (RNPS)
Davies, William T.
Ordinary Signalman (RNPS)
Dunne, Edward
Ordinary Seaman (RNPS)
Dunsmore, Thomas G.
Ordinary Seaman (RNPS)
Elks, Mark
Seaman (RNPS)
Fieldsend, George R.
Stoker (RNPS)
Foster, Robert M.
Stoker (RNPS)
Furie, Gerard I.
Ordinary Telegraphist (RN)
Grant, Frederick
Engineman (RNPS)
Hamilton, Philip F. G.
Lieutenant (RNVR)
Mayhew, Henry
Ordinary Seaman (RNPS)
McCallum, John D.
Leading Seaman (RNPS)
McKay, B.E.M., William G.
Seaman (RNR)
McUrich, Edwin
Leading Seaman (RNPS)
Mentioned in Despatches
Murray, William
Engineman (RNR, PS)
Parker, Robert
Seaman (RNPS)
Wilson, Stanley J. S.
Ordinary Seaman (RNPS)
Awarded B.E.M. for service in HM Trawler Northern Dawn.

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