Daily Event for January 2, 2013

On Mar. 2, 1893 the cargo ship Caldy was launched by Richardson Duck & Company, Stockton-on-Tees, England. The ship, classed 100 A1 by Lloyds, was 327' long with a beam of 41' and was registered at 3,043 gross tons. She was christened by Mrs. Groves, the wife of a managing owner and slid into the water without incident.

Caldy had most of the latest equipment including electric lights, she also had a cellular double bottom hull fore and aft. She was built on special survey for Farrar, Groves & Company of London. She sailed for the company until 1906 when she was sold to Joseph Holt and renamed Bentala. Holt kept the ship until 1913 when she was purchased by Kishimoto Shokai of Japan and renamed Nanyo Maru.

On January 2, 1919 Nanyo Maru was en route from France to Japan when she encountered a snowstorm in the Tsugara Strait off Hokkaido, Japan. What happened on board is not known because dead men tell no tales, she went down with all hands.
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