Daily Event for March 6, 2010

Built in 1920 by William Gray & Company in West Hartlepool the Saint Prosper was a 4,330 ton cargo ship owned by the Société Navale de l'Ouest of Le Havre, France. She was 351' long with a beam of 52' and had triple expansion engines, with a single screw she could make 11 knots. She was used in the Mediterranean between France and Algeria for her entire career and the Mediterranean still holds this ship.

She departed Algiers on March 6, 1939 bound for Marseilles, on March 8 she made radio contact with shore, but after that nobody knows what happened. She was never seen or heard from again, her and her crew are still lying on the bottom of the Mediterranean awaiting someone to find them.
© 2010 Michael W. Pocock

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