Daily Event for December 2, 2009

Only one ship was sunk by U-boats on this day in 1915, T.&J. Harrisons' cargo ship Commodore. She was en route to Marseille, France in ballast when SMS U-33 began shelling the ship, since the ship attempted to escape further shells were fired until it came to a stop. Some reports claim that as the men were abandoning the ship that the U-boat continued to shell them, wounding five men in addition to the man killed in the initial attack.

There are other accounts that state that the U-33 came alongside the lifeboat and seeing the wounded men, refused to even provide basic first aid to them. They were set adrift and were not picked up until a day later.

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Roll of Honour
In memory of
Second Cook Richard C. Woodward
who lost his life in SS Commodore
"We honour his sacrifice"

SS Commodore seen at Liverpool, England.


Location of the loss of SS Commodore.

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