Daily Event for September 4, 2009

One of the ships sunk by Kapitänleutnant Konrad Gansser and SMS U-33 on Sept. 4, 1915 was the 4,505 ton tanker Cymbeline. She was built in 1902 at Armstrong's in Newcastle for the Bear Creek Oil & Shipping Company and managed by C. T. Bowring & Company. The ship was bound from the U.S. to Dartmouth when located by Kapitänleutnant Konrad Gansser and his U-33. The U-boat opened fire with the deck gun which brought the ship to a stop, while the men were taking to the boats a torpedo hit the ship, destroying one of the lifeboats and killing six crewmen. The remaining thirty-one men, several badly injured, spent sixteen hours in the boats until they were picked up by a sailing vessel and landed the next day.

Cymbeline had been launched Sept. 2, 1902, two days short of thirteen years later she was on the bottom of the Atlantic, the next Cymbeline built in 1927, was sunk Sept. 2, 1940 by the Hilfskreuzer Widder, twenty-eight years to the day after the first Cymbeline was launched and two days short of twenty-five years since the first Cymbeline was sunk.

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In memory of those who lost their lives in
SS Cymbeline
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Austen, Albert J.
Crosbie, Sidney A. H.
Assistant Steward
Curtis, D.
Mess Room Steward
Mensforth, Robert
Fireman & Trimmer
Rewcastle, Robert
2nd Engineer
Wallbank, Edward
Able Seaman

Location of the loss of SS Cymbeline 51.16N-11.55W.

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Nov. 4, 2012

I came across your web page today while researching the death of my 1 st . cousin x4 removed. His death certificate said that he had died at sea, and I was able to find out that he had been 2 nd . Engineer on the SS Cymbeline that was torpedoed by U-33 and was one of 6 crewman that were lost. His name was Robert Rewcastle. Thank you for helping me in my research.

Hilary Lightbourne

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