Daily Event for June 18

Torpedoed on June 18, 1942 and unable to continue, the SS Seattle Spirit, veteran of two Russian convoys (PQ-14 and PQ-15) was abandoned by the surviving crew and a few passengers. The U-124 had hit the ship with a single torpedo, but that was enough to condemn the twenty-three year old ship to Davy Jones' Locker.

An escorting corvette, HMCS Agassiz K-129 picked up the fifty-two men in the water, but one of them died of shock soon after rescue. Three others died in the ship when a boiler burst after being hit by cold water. The ship was later reboarded, but it was determined that the ship was unsalvageable and was shelled and sunk by the Agassiz and sunk.

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Roll of Honor
In memory of those who lost their lives in SS Seattle Spirit
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Clark, Robert C.
Healy, John W.
McKenna, Frank E.
3rd Engineer
Weir, Joseph P.

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