Daily Event for February 7

Sometimes you know when you are involved in a project that will be remembered, launching the first rocket
into space was a project remembered, launching the first nuclear powered vessel would be another example.
Most of the time one does not realize they are working on a mystery that will be remembered for decades.

On Feb. 7, 1910 the people who were working at the William Cramp Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
launched an ugly working ship not knowing that a little more than eight years later her name would enter the
history books, usually found in conjunction with the Bermuda Triangle.

The ship was the 19,360 ton collier USS Cyclops, she vanished sometime after Mar. 6, 1918 after sailing from
Barbados, 309 people vanished as well. The wreck has never been found.

USS Cyclops Daily Event

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USS Cyclops


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