Daily Event for May 9

May 9, 1945 was another day of terror for US and British sailors as Kamikazes attacked ships anchored off
Okinawa. The Germans had surrendered the day before and for the first time since Sept. 1, 1939 Europe was
at peace, however Japan was not yet ready to surrender. Even though most of her capital ships had already
been sunk and her troops were being driven back to the home islands, still Japan stood fast and refused peace.

The one effective weapon in the Japanese arsenal was the Kamikaze and on May 5, 1945 they were in the
skies over Okinawa causing serious damage. In the attack the destroyer escorts USS England DE-635 and
USS Oberrender DE-344 were badly damaged. Thirty seven crewmen on the England and twenty four on the
Oberrender were killed and neither ship would ever return to action.

The Bucknell Victory was damaged but returned to service as did HMS Victorious and HMS Formidable. Both
Royal Navy carriers took hits, Victorious took three and Formidable, which had been hit on May 4th took at
least one more. Three men on Victorious were killed, but she was back in action only two days later, however
permanent repairs took over a month. The war in Europe was over but the Hell in the Pacific continued until
September and the Kamikazes would return again and again.

© 2007 Michael W. Pocock