Daily Event for January 19

Jan. 19, 1889 Harland & Wolff launched the Teutonic for the White Star Line. Teutonic and her sister ship Majestic were the first ships designed and built under the agreement with the Admiralty which allowed them to be converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser. In fact her first public display was as an Armed Merchant Cruiser
when she took part in the Naval Review at Spithead prior to her maiden voyage. She served as a transport in
the Boer war and in World War 1 she took her place with the 10th Cruiser Squadron as an active AMC. Teutonic
was later bought by the Admiralty and used again as a transport having engaged no shipping as a AMC. She
ended her days laid up at Cowes Roads and finally in Emden, Germany under the cutter's torch.

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RMS Teutonic in 1904.

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