Daily Event for January 18

January 18, 1916: The HMS H-6 grounded on Schiermonikoog Island. The H-6 was built in Canada by Vickers commissioned into the Royal Navy at Quebec City on June 9, 1915. She arrived in Plymouth, England on August 4, 1915 and was assigned to the 8th flotilla.

The H-6 was operating with a surface fleet which was enroute to attack the Zeppelin sheds at German Bite when she ran aground. The HMS Firedrake sent a rescue boat which took off two officers and ten men. The captain and the remainder of the crew were interned in Holland for the rest of the war.

The H-6 was refloated in February by the Dutch and ultimately bought from them. She was commissioned into the Royal Dutch Navy in February 1916 and renamed O-8. She remained in Dutch hands until the German invasion on 1940. The Dutch scuttled the O-8 but the German's raised the boat in May of 1940 and commissioned her into the Kriegsmarine on Nov. 21, 1940 as the UD-1. She was used as a school boat in Kiel and later in Gotenhafen (Gdynia, Poland). The UD-1 was in Kiel in May of 1945 when the war came to an end and she was scuttled again this time by the German's. The wreck was later raised and scrapped.

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