Daily Event for January 10

January 10, 1900: The Hamburg-America liner Deutschland was launched. Displacing over 16,000 tons and 684 ft. long, she was built in response to Norddeutscher Lloyd's Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. The Deutschland took the Blue Riband from the Kaiser immediately, but lost it in 1902 the the Kronprinz Wilhelm. She was downgraded to cruise duty after a complete refit in 1911 and renamed Victoria Luise. Deemed too slow for troop duty she remained in Germany for the duration of WW 1. After the war almost all of the large German liners were ceded to the allies, all but the Victoria Luise. The Allies had no interest in her. So she was refitted again, this time two funnels were removed and renamed Hansa. She was to be used on the immigrant route. She proved unsuccessful so in 1925 she was scrapped.

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