Daily Event for September 29

September 29, 1942: The Liberty ship Booker T. Washington was launched at California Shipbuilding Corp. Christened by Marian Anderson and placed under the command of Hugh N. Mulzac. He commanded the ship for four years making twenty two complete voyages. The Booker T. ended her days in the reserve fleets and was scrapped in Portland in 1948. This was just one of over 2,000 Liberty ships built, but it was the first US ship named for a black American the first christened by a black American and the first commanded by a black American. Most of the ships officers were also black Americans.
© 2005 Michael W. Pocock

Captain and crew of the Booker T. Washington, from left to right are:
C. Lastic, Second Mate
T. J. Young, Midshipman
E. B. Hlubik, Midshipman
C. Blackman, Radio Operator
T. A. Smith, Chief Engineer
Hugh Mulzac, Captain
Adolphus Fokes, Chief Mate
Lt. H. Kruley
E. P. Rutland, Second Engineer
H. E. Larson, Third Engineer