Daily Event for November 24

November 24, 1941 HMS Dunedin was sunk by the U-124. Dunedin was operating with HMS Dorsetshire and HMS Devonshire attempting to locate the HSK Atlantis and the supply ship Python, which were reported to be in the area. On the 22nd Atlantis was located and sunk by Devonshire. At the time of the attack Dunedin was alone running a zig zag course east of St.Paul's rock. The U-boat's periscope was sighted, but its course was misinterpreted by the crew. Subsequently, they were not able to attack the U-boat. From three miles away the U-boat fired a spread of three torpedoes. Five and a half minutes later two of them hit the Dunedin. The ship sank stern first in about 17 minuets taking with her about 236 of her crew.

About 250 men made it into the water, some on rafts others on debris from the ship. On the 27th the American merchant ship Nishmaha arrived on the scene to find only 72 men still alive. The remainder of the crew had died of either drowning, exhaustion, wounds from the sinking and shark attacks, five more died aboard Nishmaha.
In total 419 were killed.
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