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Dec. 10, 2014

I recently visited the Lucky A, what an awesome and well preserved piece of history!! This really gives you an idea of what it was like aboard this massive ship as well as a sense of how large of a scale WWII really was. You must visit this if you are in the Mobile area.

Christopher Crowell

Dec. 17, 2010

It is my sad duty to announce the death of Bob Feller, former gun captain on USS Alabama and Hall of Fame pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Bob passed away on Dec. 15 at age 92.

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Jan. 23, 2009

My father was a radar operator on the Alabama, his name was Clifford McLean. I am just trying to find out if
anyone knew him. Thanks.

Jim McLean

Sept. 3, 2008

My grandfather, Michael D. Lebischak, sailed aboard the Alabama during WWII. Our family has never known too much about his time aboard the ship, other than some stories involving Bob Feller. We always believed that my grandfather was wounded but he would never say. I once saw a photograph of a wounded seaman who resembled him very much. Does anyone out there know of such a publication? It was like a yearbook or memorial scrapbook full of vintage photos from the war, specifically of the Alabama. I would love to fill in the blanks on this piece of family history, even over twenty years since he passed. Thank you so much.

Mike Lebischak
Katy, Texas

Apr. 11, 2008

I have just returned from a business trip to Mobile, Alabama where I was lucky enough to have time to visit
USS Alabama BB-60 at the Battleship Memorial Park. Being from the UK all we have is the cruiser HMS Belfast (which is a very good floating museum and well worth a visit), however nothing prepares you for the size and armaments of the 'Lucky A'. The park also has the USS Bull submarine and plenty of aircraft and tanks to look around. I would recommend a visit to the Alabama to anyone interested in that era.

Pete 'Paddy' Quinn

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