Daily Event for April 29

The Japanese submarine I-183 seems to have been a very unlucky boat, on her trials she sank in Hiroshima
Bay when a crewman failed to close a main induction valve causing the engine room to flood. The boat settled
stern first on the bottom with the bow jetting out above the surface. All but sixteen escaped through the
torpedo tubes. She was raised and repaired and sent out in March of 1944, but did not get far and she returned
to base because of a mechanical problem.

Her next mission was from Kure to Turk, but soon after entering the open ocean outside the Bungo Strait, on Apr. 29, 1944 she was torpedoed and sunk by USS Pogy SS-266 with the loss of all on board. I-183 was one of ten
I-76 (KD7) class boats built between 1941 and 1943, the class was renumbered on May 20, 1942 (I-76 becoming I-176 and so on) and was 346' long, 1,630 tons and carrier six 21" torpedo tubes in the bow with only one reload per tube. The normal crew compliment was 80, but these boats were often used as transports
so the number of people on board was usually higher. None of them survived the war.

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