Patrick Henry "Pappy" McMahon

Patrick H. McMahon from Wyanet, Illinois was the oldest member of the crew on PT-109 being thirty seven when he came aboard. When the PT-109 was rammed by the Amagiri, McMahon was in the engine room. He received severe burns to his arms and face when the fuel tanks were ruptured and caught fire. Kennedy found him in the water some distance from the 109 and towed him to the bow section. The next day and later, when it was necessary to move from Plum Pudding Island to Olasana Island, it was Kennedy who towed him through the water to safety. Despite being badly burned he remained in the Navy, at his own instance. The Navy wanted to discharge him because of his wounds, but Pappy would have none of that. He remained in the South Pacific teaching new crewmen how to work on the engines of the mosquito fleet until the end of the war.

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