USS Bismarck Sea CVE-95

USS Bismarck Sea CVE-95 probably seen during trials.

USS Bismarck Sea CVE-95 seen loading or unloading Dauntless aircraft from a floating platform at Ulithi Atoll.

November 26, 1944: Captain John L. Pratt, USN, commanding officer of USS Bismarck Sea CVE-95, seen saluting during the crossing the line ceremony.

December 19, 1944: A General Motors FM-2 Wildcat of VC-86 (Pilot Ens. Francis Goedert, USNR) crashing through aircraft parked on the forward flight deck of USS Bismarck Sea CVE-95. Goedert and one crewman,
S1c George R. Broadbent, USNR, who was knocked overboard, were killed.

December 19, 1944: Photo taken just a second later shows the aircraft going over the side. Another pilot, Ens. Woods, can be seen on the flight deck between the two Avenger aircraft.

Feb. 21, 1945: USS Bismarck Sea CVE-95 seen burning after being hit by Kamikaze aircraft off Iwo Jima.

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