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May 30, 2010

This is to let you know the VA finally rated Jack 100% disabled. Thanks so much for all of you help. It was not reviewed correct the first time. It was suppose to go to Jackson, MS not to Columbia ,SC when it about radiation. The VA ruled the cancer is not curable. We were told  last week, we need to think about hospice care. Also his case was used in a training class to help VA workers to know more about claims. We very thankful how it worked out. It helps with expenses. We just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary with a wonderful event.
Again thank you.

Glendora & Jack Godbold

Jan. 8, 2010

To let you know our congressman's office has the VA to reopen Jack's claim. The ordinal claim was sent to the wrong place to be reviewed. Because of expose to radiation it should have gone to Jackson, MS, it was sent to Columbia, SC and this office does not deal with claim of radiation and denial Jack's claim. The Jackson office received his claim this past Dec. 21 2009. Will have to wait and see what take place. Did you see the 60  minutes Jan. 3, 2010 on VA claims? I hope this year will be better for veterans. As for Jack, he is determined to hang in here. The doctor told us again it a miracle he is still with us. One take one day at a time.

Glendora & Jack Godbold

Sept. 12, 2009

We are letting you know the VA denied my claim. The letter was dated Aug. 10, 2009.  I have got in touch with the AMVETS and they have a NSO to help me appeal this claim. Will let you know how things will go. Do you know how I can find out how many shipmates in OPERATION WIGWAM (1955) ON USS O'BRIEN HAVE CANCER? LIVING OR PASSED AWAY.

Thanks again for your help,
Jack & Glendora Godbold

Dec. 28, 2008

I was on the USS O'Brien (DD-725) 1954-1957. I need a list of  crew members for those years. It important
for medical reasons. Any information will be help for me.

Thanks very much,
Jack Godbold

April 21, 2008

Is there a list of DD 725 O'Brien's crew from World War II?  My father was a Boatswains Mate- first as a member of the plank crew for CV 6 Enterprise serving with her from 1937 until 1943 when he picked up the newly completed O'Brien and went over for the Invasion of France. He served with her until being discharged in California at the end of the war. His name was Howard Warren Harris. Thank you for any assistance.

Gary F. Harris
Raleigh , North Carolina

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