USS Edsall DD-219

USS Edsall DD-219 seen in the 1920's.

USS Edsall DD-219 seen in the 1920's at San Diego, California.

From left to right: U.S. destroyers Edsall DD-219, McCormick DD-223, Bulmer DD-222, Parrott DD-218, Simpson DD-221 and MacLeish DD-220.

USS Edsall DD-219 date and location unknown.

From left to right USS Black Hawk AD-9 and U.S. destroyers McCormick DD-223, Bulmer DD-222, Edsall DD-219, Simpson DD-221, MacLeish DD-220 and Parrott DD-218 seen at Singapore in 1934.

February 27, 1942: USS Edsall DD-219 seen alongside USS Langley AV-3 just before Langley sank.

March 1, 1942: A frame from a Japanese film showing USS Edsall DD-219 while under attack by Japanese warships. (Note: This photo was altered by the Japanese and used for propaganda purposes. Extra shell splashes were air brushed into the photo for extra effect to demoralize the enemy.)

Location of the loss of USS Edsall DD-219.

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