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Aug. 24, 2017

I live in Skidmore, Missouri, which is a tiny town in Northwest Missouri. There is a headstone in the cemetery south of town with Sam R. Albright's name on it. One of the guys that have lived around here forever told me that his ship was shot out from under him. The stone is getting so worn that the letters are hard to see, but I finally was able to make out the name of the ship he was on. The Duncan.

Years ago there was a legion post here in Skidmore. Back then Skidmore was pretty booming, even for a small town. The post was Sam R. Albright American legion post 411. Back then it had a large membership. Of course, like so many posts, the older veterans have passed on. Some time early after we crossed over into the 2000's the membership was down to 3 or 4. During one of the patriotic events we used to put on here every year, the commander and vice commander retired the post. It was an incredibly moving ceremony.

Sam R. Albright died while serving on the Duncan, but his name did not. As time passes, the new generations will have no idea that he even existed. I wanted you to know this story, so maybe the story can live on too.

Cheryl Huston

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Sept. 4, 2018

I am a retired Marine with 22 years of service, (1980-2001). I know a little bit about the dark past of Skidmore and the story of Ken McElroy. I am contacting you because I am happy to see someone has taken an interest in American Legion Post 411, Sam R. Albright and his sacrifice in World War Two. I hope this e-mail finds it's way to Cheryl Huston, the lady who posted the article on his grave site.

Chuk Gibson
Wyandotte, MI

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