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Mar. 26, 2015

Thanks for your website. Great effort and great result.
I am a plank-owner on Dahlgren as well as in pre-commissioning detail, back when it was DLG-12. I was aboard from 60-63, which covers those years. I was in OI (Operations Intelligence) division as a Radarman (RD), getting my eagle (finally) as a RD3 in '62. The rating is now called OS (Operations Specialist), but it uses the same rating badge as when we were all RD's. I assume we still do the same thing.

Our CIC boss was LT. John Moore, a mustang, and a helluva great guy; he helped us all learn the ropes and learn how to be a right and proper sailor. He later went to lead the school on the West coast (we emailed some years back after I found him on the old AOL message boards). Our radar CIC team was top-notch, all taken from the top of the class and from the top teams in the Atlantic fleet.

We had a great time in the Caribbean and in Europe, too. Our cruise in '62 to northern Europe and the Med was fantastic and full of adventure, showing the flag from England to Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Morocco and Italy.

Dahlgren was a "show boat" and a great performer back then. I can't speak for later crews, but I must assume the best. Our skipper was not spit and polish, nor was he a driving man to the enlisted crew, but his officers made it clear that only the best effort would be acceptable. I have no photos remaining from those long-gone days, but I remember my shipmates well and wish all still alive all the best. I can see their faces in my mind to this day and look back fondly on my Navy service, the great adventure in my life at that time.

I see in my mind's eye the day I went aboard, walking down the pier at the Philadelphia naval shipyard with my seabag on my shoulder and my orders in my hand, the long walk from the towering prow to the quarterdeck, stepping aboard, saluting the flag, with words "Permission to come aboard, sir," passing my orders to the OOD, being taken to my division berthing area, and being introduced around, still very new and very green and very excited to be on my first ship. I'd gladly do it all over again.

George Cowie (ex-RD3, USNR-R)

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