USS Wasp CV-18 / CVA-18 / CVS-18
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February 22, 1944: USS Wasp CV-18 seen near Trinidad.

August 6, 1945: USS Wasp CV-18 seen in the Pacific.

December 8, 1945: At anchor off Ulithi Atoll are (foreground to background) USS Wasp CV-18, USS Yorktown CV-16, USS Hornet CV-12, USS Hancock CV-19, USS Ticonderoga CV-14 and USS Lexington CV-10.

June 6, 1966: Thomas P. Stafford and Eugene A. Cernan are seen in the Gemini 9 space capsule awaiting recovery by USS Wasp CVS-18.

USS Wasp CVS-18 seen in early 1967.

USS Wasp CVS-18, date and location not available.

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