HMS Andrew P-423 / S-23 / S-63

HMS Andrew P-423 seen C-1947-48.

This never before published photo shows HMS Andrew P-423 alongside HMS Anson in 1948.
(Photo from the collection of Ordinary Signalman Owen Vigeon, R.N.)
© Owen Vigeon all rights reserved
Scan by Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.

HMS Andrew seen probably in the late 1960's. Note Andrew has the early style Type 187 sonar dome with the distinctly rounded top (compare with the later type in photos 2,3 & 4), and still has the initial type of snort mast (the type that is hinged at the base of the mast rather than the telescopic type fitted later). You can clearly see two 'lumps' in the side of the casing, some kind of horizontal rail fitted at the rear of the fin (sail) about a third of the way up, possibly part of the mast locking mechanism, and the mast lying down. 
(Caption by Philip Curtis, R.N. ex-crewman HMS Andrew)

HMS Andrew seen off Portsmouth, England in 1969.

HMS Andrew seen after a 1968 refit with the telescopic snort mast fitted.

HMS Andrew seen at Camel's Head Creek, Devonport Dockyard with the oil tanks at Torpoint (Yonderberry) in the background.  She is alongside where the old coal tip was located.
(Caption courtesy of Philip J. Heydon I.S.M.)

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